200 Colorful Paper Straws - 8 Color Variety Pack - Saving The Earth Matters

200 Colorful Paper Straws - 8 Color Variety Pack

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The Plastic Problem 
On average, Americans use roughly 500 million plastic straws per day. Millions of these are winding up in the ocean, harming many of the animals that call it home. It is up to us to make  a difference and move towards sustainability.

Why choose STEMS?
Here at STEMS we truly believe that Saving The Earth Matters. This is the planet we call home, and it is up to us to take care of it along with all the creatures it gives life to. We are dedicated towards shifting awareness towards sustainability, and providing eco-conscious alternatives to single use plastics

Our Plant Based Straws:

Each Set of 200 Paper Straws contains

  • 25 Red Straws
  • 25 Orange Straws
  • 25 Yellow Straws
  • 25 Green Straws
  • 25 Blue Straws
  • 25 Light Blue Straws
  • 25 Purple Straws
  • 25 Pink Straws
STEMS Paper Straws Are:
  • made of triple-ply kraft paper
  • laminated with food-safe adhesives
  • colored with food-safe dyes

They have been tested in a variety of beverages, and showed no loss of integrity for over 72 hours.
They will degrade naturally in a compost bin, and they are recyclable.

Length: 7.75" (197mm)
Diameter .24" (6mm)